Fan dipole or OCF dipole

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Fan dipole or OCF dipole

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Evening everybody.

I am putting together a POTA kit around my Elecraft K1 that operates on 20 & 40. I have an end fed for 40 and an emtech Z match tuner. I would like a back up antenna and I have homebrewed a 20/40 fan with a 1:1 balun and an OCF 40 meter into a 4:1 balun.

Eventually I will try both out, but which would you put in the kit? I think the fan is a bit more wire but will have a simpler radiation pattern, I may be able to use it without the tuner. The OCF will have more lobes and nulls in the pattern.

I use an arborist sling to deploy them in trees for POTA between 25 - 35 feet.

It is always fun to visit about antennas.

Thanks and have a good night.

-73 de Don KG5CMS.
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