Drone antenna

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Andrew (grayhat)
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Drone antenna

Post by Andrew (grayhat) »

ok, this one is probably crazy, but...

imagine reaching a POTA site, laying down some radials , connecting the trx to the coax and finally tying the antenna wire (whatever lenght will fit) to the bottom of a drone, the drone, controlled by someone else takes off vertically and pulls up the antenna, at that point the operator starts calling...

too crazy ??


one may even do a 160m POTA activation that way :lol:
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Re: Drone antenna

Post by N2EC »

I would wonder if the drone would cause interference with the receive on the radio or if the transmit from the radio would overwhelm the receiver on the drone itself. That said, the idea is sound.

There is a POTA activator on the Eastern shore of Virginia who I have worked multiple times who uses a kite on the beach to essentially make an EFHW sky mount. Every time I've worked him (unfortunately I can't remember his call) his signal has been strong. I have also heard of people using helium weather balloons to the same effect. That would be a fun project.
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Re: Drone antenna

Post by Wize1 »

Heard of a ham who is using a tethered drone to hold up a 33 foot vertical wire in his backyard! He lives in a HOA community, and only uses it at night. Because it is powered from the ground, it can stay a loft for hours! ;)
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Re: Drone antenna

Post by AL7JK »

Brilliant idea ! Reading up on tethered drone systems. Amazing technology
and applications.

AL7JK, John
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Re: Drone antenna

Post by KB4VU »

Good idea, but drones are not allowed in National Parks, Forests and Wildlife Refuges. Also I believe many state parks also restrict them.
73's, Frank
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