Portable 10M Yagi ?

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Re: Portable 10M Yagi ?

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KL7MJ wrote: Wed Dec 06, 2023 4:38 pm Andrew,
How would you go about constructing the jungle job? For 28MHz, you'd need about a 16 foot reflector. Do you make it out of aluminum pipe or PVC with wire inside (or outside)? To me, it sounds a lot more difficult than a Moxon with a 3D printed hub - maybe because I've already printed the hub!

Mike, KL7MJ
Let's start with the image here


now, the two reflector arms and the boom may be both telescopic, plus the arms will be in two sections and not in a single one like in the image, this will allow to fold the arms forward when closing the antenna, that way, by telescoping "in" the reflector arms and the boom and folding the two arms forward, the resulting "package" will be pretty small, the dipole wire could then be wrapped around the "aluminium sticks" :D, and the ends of the dipole may be connected to the ends of the reflector arms using elastic bands so that deploying the antenna would just mean unwrapping the wires, unfolding the reflector arms and then extending the reflector arms and the boom, at that point, the dipole, thanks to the elastic bands will be in tension :D and then, it will just be a matter of raising the antenna
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