The perfect POTA/SOTA rig

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Andrew (grayhat)
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The perfect POTA/SOTA rig

Post by Andrew (grayhat) »

ok, perfection isn't of this world, but let's just try to play with some imagination, start with an existing or a non existing rig, and add all the features you feel important for a POTA/SOTA activator or for a hunter, come on, let's raise some holidays dust :)


keep real, don't ask for dilythium batteries or the like :D
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Re: The perfect POTA/SOTA rig

Post by WA0YCN »

IC-705 with smaller size, built-in tuner, retail price under $1,000.

Xiegu X6100 with better internal battery, working WiFi and Bluetooth, firmware fixes for all the problems and bugs.
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Re: The perfect POTA/SOTA rig

Post by KL7MJ »

I think the ideal radio is one that has everything included in the case - radio, ATU and power. My KX1 fits that description, albeit only on 3 bands and only in CW.

Having said that, I find enjoyment in the less than ideal - what can I do with things I built myself, or the most minimal setup possible. Santa was kind enough to bring me a QMX high band kit that should bring a lot of fun this coming year!

Mike, KL7MJ
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