Cheap 32’ carbon fiber mast

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Cheap 32’ carbon fiber mast

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I just stumbled upon the Temu web site and app. Temu is kind of like a Chinese cross between Amazon and the Dollar Store. They sell telescoping carbon fiber ‘fishing poles’ that look quite similar to the masts sold as ham radio antenna masts. I bought a 32-ft pole for about $35. It took a few weeks to arrive, but its quality and finish are remarkably good for the price. Its weight is only 15 Oz! I just tried it out yesterday supporting one end of a Qrpguys 9:1 UnUn random wire. Worked like a charm. I have no idea yet as to its durability. I bought a wire coil-on-stake fishing rod holder from Amazon as a ground mount- worked perfectly.

Bottom line: a 15oz 32’ telescoping mast and mount for around 40 bucks seems like a good deal. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know if/when it fails.
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Re: Cheap 32’ carbon fiber mast

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It has been nearly a year since your post. Has the mast held up to regular use?


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Re: Cheap 32’ carbon fiber mast

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I just cannot trust subscribing to Temu to even try.
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Re: Cheap 32’ carbon fiber mast

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Also, carbon fiber masts are conductive, so they're a "no go" if one wants to use them for a vertical antenna, better looking for fiberglass poles, those will do double duty to both act as center support for a dipole/doublet or to put up a vertical antenna just by hanging the wire at the top and letting it drop down along the pole... and that's a "no go" with a carbon mast/pole
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