A $16 portable antenna pole support

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Andrew (grayhat)
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A $16 portable antenna pole support

Post by Andrew (grayhat) »

Here's an idea, maybe a crazy one, but I think it may be worth discussing, let's say we have a telescoping support (or a fishing rod) we want to use to support our vertical antenna, now, we need something to support it, and this "something" should be portable and easy to deploy in different conditions, so, what about a folding shovel :) ? I'm referring to something like this one (just an example)

https://www.amazon.com/Extremus-Emergen ... B0949C3ZNQ

imagine "half" unfolding the shovel so that the shaft will be at right angle with respect to the shovel blade, place a weight over the blade (or drive over it with your car if using it in a parking lot) to keep the shovel in place, tie your telescoping rod to the shovel shaft and there you go, no need to drill holes in the ground (although on sandy/soft terrain you may just do that by "staking" the shovel in the ground) and the weight (or the car) will generally offer sufficient stability

What do you think ?
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Re: A $16 portable antenna pole support

Post by KL7MJ »

That sounds good, but this shovel would be even better:

https://www.amazon.com/Mil-Tec-German-S ... 114&sr=1-4

The long handle would give you a better mounting point for your fishing pole. I'd imagine that you could pick one of these up at a local military surplus for less than Amazon too!

Mike, KL7MJ
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