Charger for nimh cells with 12v input

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Charger for nimh cells with 12v input

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I've been using an old Radio Shack universal charger to keep my nimh "aa" batteries charged. It has been a real workhorse for at least 15 years. But, it is showing it's age. I want to get a backup charger before this one dies.

Do you have any recommedations? It must be able to charge from 2 to 8 cells in series (2.4 -9.6v) and be able to run from a 12v supply source for my mobile or solar battery to work with it. I want to avoid taking the cells out of their holder to put into the charger separately.


All my transceivers, HTs and portable receivers use "AA" cells, and I have lots of batteries, so I wont be changing chemisties. Just need a decent charger that runs from 12v.

Rick N8TGQ
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