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Report from North Rim, Grand Canyon, K-0030

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2023 12:05 am
by ns6x
I will take the advantage of being at more than 8,800 feet, and literally on the edge of a side canyon to the Grand Canyon (Marble Canyon?) so great take off, but more than 200 SSB QSOs on 10 meters Friday afternoon, 9/15 and into 16. Total more than 400 QSOs on all bands, including 15 and 20. I just couldn't stop. People kept calling. I was using an RGO One at about 30 watts into a Delta loop, with the top horizontal section about 12' off the ground.
I pulled over to a roadside picnic table about 1 mile from the Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim. The only passerby that stopped was a Ranger who wanted to know how to get a license. We talked for a few minutes, and he went along his way.
I started using earbuds (thanks Thomas) for the past few weeks activations. What a difference. I have always used some sort of headphones, particularly for contesting, but haven't used them for POTA because I thought they were bulky. Then listening to a Thomas video, I saw earbuds. I had several pair not being used for anything else, so tried them. They park was noisy, as I was stopped on the side of the road. Car noise. I found a pair in my computer bag, and they were amazing. Nothing special. Hard wire. I was able to hear the stations at the noise level with relative ease. If you want to work everybody, use earbuds.
I like 10 meters. I usually begin and activation on 10. I heard little activity when I began the activation on 10, but spotted myself and called CQ - did not stop for more than an hour. Even with the 10-10 club QSO party and the Salmon Run, there was little activity. I worked into the Caribbean, South America and Europe, as well as came close to a WAS day. Never did hear Hawaii, but did work Alaska.
Most importantly, it was fun. I spent much more time on playing radio than I planned, but it was fast and fun on both Thursday and Friday. I worked CW on Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning before I left.
Yeah, I know the SSB op was not really QRP. But it was fun. The CW was QRP, same antenna, using a KX3 and swapped out with a MTR 3B. Fun, Fun. I also used an older Sierra Wilderness and NorCal40 that I built many years ago, probably in the 1990's? I try to use the Sierra whenever I can. I love that radio. As much as the MTR radios. Look at the pedigrees of these older, smaller CW radios. The best. The NorCAl QRP club was the breeding ground for companies like Elecraft.

Re: Report from North Rim, Grand Canyon, K-0030

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2023 1:09 am
by KnoxvilleMike
Sounds like great fun! Ah, to have the time to play radio like that...

Re: Report from North Rim, Grand Canyon, K-0030

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2023 3:47 pm
by ns6x
I'm a 69 year old retired firefighter. Worked for 50 years, so now time to do other type of work, like work on ham radio and fishing. Kids are out of the house. My wife of 48 years died a couple of years ago, so need to do something for fun and to stay busy.
Have fun as you can.