Soft case for FT-818 w/ PortableZero rails

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Soft case for FT-818 w/ PortableZero rails

Post by W7MDN »

Need recommendations on a soft case for my new FT-818 w/ PortableZero rails installed. The Yaesu OEM vinyl case doesn’t fit.

I’m hoping for something like a Maxpedition with some padding but slim enough to go inside a backpack for SOTA. Doesn’t need to hold any other accessories as they’ll go in a separate DCF bag with RG-316, antenna, throw line, key, etc.

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Re: Soft case for FT-818 w/ PortableZero rails

Post by kc0myw »

I've got one made by Mighty Pouch that I purchased when I bought my FT-817nd that I keep that radio in and I really like it. I do NOT have the PortableZero rails so cannot comment on how well it would work with them in place, but it is a neoprene type material and feels like it has a small amount of padding all the way around the rig. My notes indicate it was called the "Packer Pouch 817" and I ordered it from HRO.

I have no affiliation with either company (other than being a customer) and I don't currently see any reference to this product on the HRO or Mighty Pouch websites. However, there is lots of messaging on the Mighty Pouch site about custom building cases and such. I would imagine that they probably still have the dimensions and would be willing to produce one for you, but since the radio is discontinued they just don't see a need to list/stock it in their online store. Might be worth a call or email to see what they say. Also, the one I have has cutouts for the various connectors on the side of the radio and the rear coax connector so a user can operate with the radio IN the case. I've never used it that way and if they were custom building one, I would probably ask them to skip that step.

Now that I'm checking out the Mighty Pouch website a bit, I'm starting to get some thoughts/ideas for some other cases for some QRP and Portable operating kits and accessories....
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Re: Soft case for FT-818 w/ PortableZero rails

Post by KL7MJ »

I recently bought a 5.11 sling bag that I really like:

It's a big bag, but I can store my 817 with rails and all of the other gear comfortably. I put the radio (with a foam pad along the bottom of the bag) in the larger pouch, along with the battery and other radio-specific gear. I put antennas, coax and related gear in the front pouch. I can also put a QDX or QCX-mini in the little pouch on the sling!

It's not a cheap bag, or particularly lightweight, but I think it is a great way to pack an 817/818 with all of the other gear you need in one bag. All I need now is a small tablet or laptop!

Mike, KL7MJ
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