New Wolf River Coils "Sporty Forty" coil

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New Wolf River Coils "Sporty Forty" coil

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A couple of weeks ago at the Huntsville Hamfest a YouTuber named Hikin' n' Hammin' interviewed WRC regarding a new product the Sporty Forty coil.

Although I sold my TIA WRC over a year ago, I still like their product and had recently rediscovered my MFJ 17 foot whip that I started using on a mirror mount and a ground stake. I've been taking it, along with my Hustler 40 meter resonator on hiking and biking POTA activations, however the 40 meter Hustler just is too large and bulky. Seeing this coil by WRC gave me hope that I could have an all in one set up for 40 through 6 meters. I made eight 16 ft. ground radials with Anderson power poles on each end, and I can change that out easily into four 32 ft. radials.

I looked on the WRC website last week and saw it listed for sale, so I paid a total of $38 (shipped) for it, and the coil arrived on Saturday morning via USPS. I just had to do a quick set up in my backyard before I left for the day to do family visits. I was very pleasantly surprised at the results and even made a video of my findings, as I was not finding anything about them on YouTube from anyone using them. I then took the coil out to activate my local K-1418 and had a great activation in less than stellar band conditions.

I weighed the WRC Sporty Forty, the MFJ 1979, the ground stake and mirror mount, four 32 ft. ground radials, 20 ft. of RG8 coax and the total weight was 4.6 pounds. That's great for day backpacking hikes! Now, depending on the radio, you can add anywhere from "ounces" to 2.5 or so pounds depending on the radio.

I have some videos I uploaded to my little YouTube channel and also a 3rd where WV1W - Don, showed me how to easily make a jumper so you don't have to take the coil off when going back to 20 meters. I am not good at these things, so I apologize in advance for the not so professional videos. Here is a link to them if anyone is interested in this new coil. I highly recommend it for the price and performance.

73 Scott / KN3A

Video #1: Testing the WRC Sporty Forty:

Video #2: Activation at K-1418 on 9-18 using the X6100:

Video #3: Jumper to bypass the coil:
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