AGCW QRP Contest 11.Mar.2023 :-)

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AGCW QRP Contest 11.Mar.2023 :-)

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Dear QRP OM's,

On Saturday, March 11, 2023 the next AGCW QRP Contest takes place.
On behalf of the AGCW I would like to invite you to participate.

From 14:00 - 20:00 UTC on all bands 80/40/20/15/10 meters CW-QSO's can be made.
The current good conditions on the bands allow surely many nice contacts.
Even QRO stations are not excluded from participation, in the QRO class
all connections with the other classes MP, QRP and VLP are valid.

Starting from 2023 there are a number of novelties, which should revive this Contest
and make it more attractive:

- Log submission online via upload, no longer via e-mail
-> the logupload will be activated with the start of the contest
-> each log will be checked immediately, possible errors will be displayed
-> log format Cabrillo V.2 or V.3 is accepted
-> every submitter receives a confirmation e-mail
- a web page with AGCW/QRP related cluster spots
- UDC (User Defined Contest) and CHF (Call History File) for N1MM Logger+
-> providing dupe check and display of multiplier stations (AGCW members)
- picture upload function
-> every OM can upload pictures from the contest
-> a PIN is required, which is included in the confirmation e-mail of the logupload
- immediately after the start of the contest (and thus start of the upload period) are available
-> list of the already uploaded logs
-> picture gallery
-> soapbox texts of the logs
- the day after the end of the upload period (which ends on March 31st) the claimed scores are already available
- publication of the final scores will be done as soon as possible
-> this can take some time in the first year, because the necessary evaluation software has to be rebuilt for this purpose
-> each participant will receive an e-mail as soon as these results are available.

All above mentioned functions as well as the current rules are available on the central website of the contest:

Have fun and success,

72/73 de
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